Never miss a key moment with a key contact.

Know when b2b contacts change jobs.

Track employment changes automatically.

New employees make the most decisions in their first 100 days.

Job changes create new opportunities for sales teams. These changes can also create a churn risk in your existing customer base and sales pipeline.

Today, more than ever, employees are changing jobs.

Our system alerts you when they do.

How it works

We deliver the highest ROI to effort ratio in the tech stack.

Flag Contacts

Flag the key contacts in your system that you want to monitor. Prospects, customers, power users and more.

Monitor Changes

We automatically monitor those contacts for any employment changes in their profile.

Get an Alert

As soon as we detect a job change for one of your key contacts, our system will send an alert to the contact owner.

Employment change alerts the whole team can use.

Increase Sales:

Monitor deals in the pipeline. Look for when a champion or blocker in any active deal unexpectedly leaves the company. Tag the power users of your product, reconnect with them when they switch companies to open new doors for greater opportunities.

Prevent Churn:

Monitor primary contacts within the customer base. Get alerts when they change jobs and quickly establish new primary contacts at the company.

Product Features

Everything you need to be insanely productive and successful with your key contacts.


As soon as we detect a job change for one of your key contacts, our system will send an email alert to the contact owner. Additional notification channels are available in our advanced plans.


From a CSV to Hubspot and Salesforce. We have the ability to integrate with any system and workflow you already have in place today.


We can set up new customers in less than 60 minutes. Once set up, the system is fully automated keeping an eye on all your key contacts so you don’t have to.



Month to month plans start at $199 /mo.


Fequently Asked Questions

How fresh is the data?

When we check a contact for a job change, it is done real time. Meaning we do not rely on a stale database. This means you have the most accurate and up to date information available at all times.

How often do you check for job changes?

Our system will run a monthly check for job changes. This is best for most situations, however we can build a custom plan for you that can run checks at a higher frequency. Please let us know what needs you have.

What integrations do you have?

We can work with almost any data source. Everything from a google sheet to a CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot. Please contact us for configuration questions.

Are there any contracts?

No! Billing is month to month and you can cancel any time.

Can we do a one off project?

Yes! If you have a one time project we can help. Please contact us for details and a custom quote. 

How long does it take to get set up?

We typically onboard new customers in 60 minutes or less. 

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